Brown Bear Car Washes Fundraiser (Washington Only)

1 day


Raise money by selling pre-paid Brown Bear carwash coupons.


Brown Bear in Washington state has a great fundraising program where you effectively sell coupons for Brown Bear car washes (Tunnel locations only) for anywhere from $5-$12, with a wholesale cost from Brown Bear of only $1.5, which is an awesome profit margin for your Unit. Sell 100 at $8 and you'll end up with $650 for your Unit.

You can sell the coupons anytime, there is no restricted time frame, so you can sell them all year.

The coupons can have your Unit name printed on them (not confirmed).

Brown Bear Charity Program

To protect against COVID, you could have Scouts promote the program and through a website, have a payment option and ability to take delivery instructions. Then you could mail them out, so no direct contact with customers.