Christmas Wreaths Sale

1 day


Use a Christmas wreath sale as a fundraiser. With online sales, and door-dropoff delivery, you should be able to hold this in a such as a manner that it is COVID safe.


Raise Unit funds by doing this annual fundraiser. Option 1 is an approach to be COVID safe:

Find a wreath supplier and the requirements they have for orders, ie. how far ahead to order and how much upfront cost is needed?

Option 1 - COVID / All online
  • Take orders online (you'll need a website for this. Square is a good place to start.), accepting orders only within a specific vicinity that your Scouts/parents can conveniently drive.
  • On a specific date, do front-door drop-offs. No interaction necessary since the money has already been collected.

Option 2 - Semi-COVID safe
  • Set up a stand outside of a local store and do direct sales of wreaths.
  • No extra delivery required.
Option 3 - Combination
  • Option 1 and Option 2.