Park/Shoreline Area Cleanup

1 day


Cleanup a public area such as a park or shoreline. This is a great way to clean up an area that may otherwise not get regular attention and could be negatively impacting impacting its ecology and or appearance.


Find an area that needs cleanup, such as a park, shoreline, or other public area within the community. Determine the best approach for assigning sections within the area, so that each participant is segregated from others, to meet any COVID or other health guidelines. Schedule a specific time, or a range of times, that each participant can do the cleanup.

Things needed:
  • Garbage bags. 13 gallon bags may work best as they are small enough to carry. They should be strong enough so that they easily tear, but not so strong that you're great excess waste!
  • Permission from any relevant agency. If cleaning a park or other managed property, contact the relevant agency that manages it to get their permission.
  • Gloves. Gloves are needed to protect against any sharp objects.

Safety first
Caution all participants to not handle certain items, such as needles or any medically-related waste. For Scouts, have them ask an adult for assistance.  For any broken glass items, particular care should be used such that these items don't rip the trash bag and/or cut someone. You could have a special bag that is stronger, and carried by an adult, to handle such items.

The activity may be tailored for COVID concerns or requirements by having participants RSVP their participation, then telling them exactly when and where they will be collecting. Have a common drop-off, or have them dispose of the trash through their own trash collection. 

Community Service
This activity could count towards community service hours, if it's a public place, providing a benefit for the public.

Lastly, take a picture of the trash picked up and let everyone know, such as posting it on the group Facebook page. It is usually greatly appreciated.

Photo: Boy Scout Troop 2950, Middleburg