Patrol (Family) Feud Virtual Game

1 day


Play Family Feud with Patrols in this fun online game over Zoom.


Family Feud is a team-based (Patrol-based) game where single players are pitted against each other to answer questions, with multiple possible answers.

Here is a good explanation on ways to play.

This is an easy game to play over Zoom.

Questions, with multiple answers, must be prepared in advance.

Need a whiteboard or something to show team points.

How to play
Patrols will serve as teams. The host (SPL?) needs to have a list of the teams and members since they will be calling up players to play.

Choose 2 patrols to play against each other. One player is chosen from each to go against each other. The question is posed and the first to answer, gets to have their Patrol continue on. 2 points given to getting the first answer. Subsequent players from the Patrol give additional answers, getting a point for each correct answer.  If they give a wrong answer, the play moves to the other team, which get the opportunity to answer and get points.

Once the second team misses. The round ends and the host will read off the remaining answers.

Repeat n times (the maximum number of Patrol members of the 2 patrols), giving each patrol member a chance to answer.

Once a round is complete between the 2 Patrols, repeat for another 2 Patrols.