25 mile Weekend Bike Ride and Campout

1 day


This is a 2-night campout, and a 25 mile bike ride, with an addition 5 miles for older Scouts.


This activity combines the fun of camping with a 25-mile challenge bike ride.

Need to identify a 25 mile stretch of contiguous biking trails or less-than-fully-active roads that will be safe to bike on. It's a good idea to have the 25 mile loop start and return to the camping site.

It's a good idea to have a safety vehicle that traverses the route or can be nearby to pick up riders that need a lift or mechanical help with their bikes.

For older Scouts, offer an extended 5-7 mile segment to give them a little extra challenge.

A lunch spot can be on the route, so that Scouts stop and take a break.

Option: Provide bike clinics leading up to the event where Scouts bring their bikes to be looked over for safety issues (worn tires), pumped up, and get a few optimizing adjustments.

Meals: Dinner (2), Breakfast (2), Lunch (1). Patrols can organize meals.

Requirements: Reserve a campground.