Paper Airline Flyoff

1 day


In this fun challenge, Scouts will compete to see who can build the furthest flying paper airplane!


In this simple activity, Scouts will be competing to see who can build the furthest flying paper airplane.

Scouts will be provided supplies to build the aircraft and a set amount of time (15min) to build their craft. In Round 1, Scouts line up in groups of 3 to simultaneously  launch their craft, with a winner determined.

Round 2 will be the winner of Round 1 competing against each other, moving to Round 3, etc.

  • 20lb paper
  • scissors
  • glue or tape
  • Markers (to decorate planes)
  • Distance winner markers (markers to mark the further flying craft)
Option: This could be done as an inter-Patrol competition, where each Patrol makes their airplanes and competes internally, with the winner moving to compete against other Patrol winners.
Option: There could be distance and beauty awards.