City Park Campout

3 days



This will be a weekend of fun at games at City park. We'll spend two nights and have a day of games and swimming on Saturday. Families are welcome to join us on Saturday, starting with the games, all the way through the campfire program at night.

Patrols are responsible for their own food.

Parents will eat together, with each parent responsible for one meal (we'll sort out which ones later).

For swimming, we'll be giving swim tests right after lunch on Saturday, so meet at the dock.


  • Friday, 6pm - Arrive at City Park
  • Friday, 7pm - Dinner
  • Friday, 10pm - Lights out
  • Saturday, 7am - Breakfast
  • Saturday, 8am - Flag ceremony
  • Saturday, 9am - Games begin on the main Park area
  • Saturday, 12noon - Lunch
  • Saturday, 1pm - Swimming at the beach
  • Saturday, 5pm - Dinner
  • Saturday, 7:30pm - Campfire
  • Saturday, 10pm - Lights out
  • Sunday, 7am - Breakfast
  • Sunday, 8:30am - Checkout