Olympic Park Glines Canyon Dam Hike + Bike Ride

1 day


This is a hike and a bike ride up to the former Glines Canyon Dam in the Olympic National Park. Experience the wildness of the Park, the Elwha River and see some history.


This is a combination bike and hike. Starting off at the Madison Falls parking lot, in the Olympic National Park, we will bike on a closed road (closed due to river washouts that occurred a few years ago) 0.7 miles until we reach the end of the road at the Elwha River, which has washed out the road. There is a small trail that you take on the left that runs about 1 mile along the river until joins the road again. This is the most tricky part as we will be hiking and pushing our bikes, along a potentially raging river, which does require caution. 

Once on the road again, we'll bike about 0.8 miles until we get to a ghost town (not currently used Park service maintenance town), which is where we'll find the Elwha Ranger Station (closed). This is a fun area to get off our bikes and explore the buildings.

We then ride about 0.5 miles to the Altair Picnic ground (former campground). We can explore Altair and check out the river.

We then will bike on the road for approximately 1.6 miles to the Glines Canyon Overlook. This part will be an elevation gain of about 600 feet, so it will be a little slow going, but its all on road and we don't have to take it fast.

The overlook has a parking lot, and a viewing area to get a good view of the whole area, read about the former dam, and former lake restoration. This is a good rest stop to have lunch or a snack.

From there we head back which is about 80% downhill, so a lot easier.

Total distance: 7 miles (biking + hiking)
Overall difficulty: 5 (out of 10)


12pm - Arrive/park at Madison Fall parking lot
12:15 - Depart
2:00 - Arrive at Glines Dam Overlook
2:30 - Head back
3:30 - Return to parking lot