Neckerchief Slide Whittlin Activity

1 day


Wood whitlin event to give Scouts the opportunity to make something that they could be proud to wear.


This would be a 1-3 hour event, where the Troop will provide whittlin kits and guidance so that Scouts can learn firsthand, how to make a neckerchief slide of their own design.

There are different types of kits the Troop can order, which we could offer to our Scouts, that they could pay for in advance. Here are some resources to check out:
- Whittler Bob kits
- Boy Scout Trail article
- Channeling Whittlin Jim

We would need enough parent volunteers to oversee the Scouts and ensure safe knife handling.

$5-10. The cost would be covering the kit (wood, pre-made slide, instructions etc.) that each Scout would use.


  • We could offer to teach the Woodcarving merit badge.
  • We could also offer other neckerchief options, like slides made from paracord (see images).