Pioneering Challenge: Build a Bridge

1 day


Educate and challenge all Patrols in a Troop activity to learn about different types of bridges and then have them build one.


In this Troop activity, start off with a session educating Scouts on how to build a bridge.  Utilize the SPL and other Troop leaders to give a lesson and then construct a bridge in front of the group.

Once done, task the Patrols with building their own bridge.

What's needed
  • Bridge construction materials; Determine what types of bridges will be built and what are the components needed.

This is a good activity for the Troop leadership, including any Instructors, to use their leadership skills in training. It will also test their abilities to build a bridge. For that training, have them arrive at the location before everyone else to test their own skills, and practice how they will do the instruction.

To address COVID concerns, hold this activity outdoors. Separate all of the Patrols and ensure that they arrive and stay together within their own bubble. The size of each Patrol should be limited by any local restrictions on outdoor group sizes. Have all of the resources pre-laid out for each Patrol bubble. The instructing group should have their own bubble area, in easy view of all of the other participants (they could be in the middle of all the bubbles). Have a piece of string that indicates each bubble and inform the Scouts that they should stay within their bubble.


Merit badges
  • Pioneering
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