Shooting Sports Day

1 day


A day of shooting sports, from shotgun, to archery. Opportunities to earn merit badges.


It is a Scout’s dream: unlimited target practice! Rifle and shotgun merit badges. Enjoy a full day of shooting sports. Learn a new sport. Work on marksmanship awards. Concentrate on what you enjoy most. 

Check in is from 8:30 to 9:00.   All attendee must go through the safety briefing before shooting, so don’t be late.
  • The safety briefing starts at 9:15am in the Dining Hall.  If you are not in the Dining Hall and registered, you will need to wait until a RSO is available to go through the safety lecture with you. All participants need to attend the safety lecture. 

  • Merit badge classes for Rifle and Shotgun will be offered, but space is limited.

  • We will require help at the slingshot, tomahawk, and airsoft ranges and ask that adults please sign up for a timeslot. We are not able to run these ranges without parent volunteers. (The other ranges are filled with certified volunteers as required by BSA guidelines. There will be a signup sheet at registration.)

  • For youth who are 14, please consider singing up in a Venturing Crew for increased shooting sports opportunities. 
Most ranges will be open until 4. Muzzleloading will close at 3 to allow time for the more involved cleaning. If you are working on a merit badge, you need to be at the range (rifle or shotgun) promptly at 4 to fulfill the cleaning requirement.
Cubs – Only Webelos IIs (Arrow of Light) may attend, as the guest of a troop.
Scouts – Bolt action rifles, archery, shotgun, multigun airsoft, tomahawks, slingshots, and muzzeloading rifles are available for all registered Scouts. You must be able to hold the gun on your own in order to shoot it.
Venturer Crews – Pistols, revolvers, lever action rifles, and semi-auto rifles are available for all Scouts registered in a Venturing Crew. If you are under 21, you will need to have the consent form signed by your parent or guardian in order to shoot pistol:  If you are 14 and registered in Scouts, there is no additional charge to register in Venturing. You need to be registered before the event. if you have any questions.
Medical Form - All participants are required to bring a completed, current Form A & B with them to the event. Leaders should keep the medical forms.
Food - Bring your own lunch, snacks and beverages for the day.  Remember to wash your hands after shooting and definitely before eating.
Uniforms - This is a Scouting function. Please wear your activity uniform.

Marksmanship Awards - We encourage everyone to work towards the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Awards.  If you would like to obtain one, 1) bring proof of past awards, 2) be sure to save your targets, and 3) bring money if you want to purchase a marksmanship pin. (Certificates are included for all participants.)  There is also a Camp Pigott Archery Marksmanship Award. Be sure to ask about it at the archery range. More about the NRA Marksmanship program can be found here:

NO PERSONAL GUNS OR BOWS!   We are fortunate to have first class bows and guns at camp, so please leave your equipment at home. We would also like to thank the Friends of the NRA which provides funds to make this possible!
Volunteers – These events are entirely run by volunteers! So please thank them for taking their weekend to make this program possible. I’d also like to encourage everyone to become certified instructors to help maintain our shooting sports program. We always need more trained instructors and range safety officers. The minimum age is 14 for apprentice instructors. You will learn a lot, get great discounts, and possibly be able to offer events to your unit.