ScoutActivity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does voting require registering?

Yes. A person must register AND they must select the correct Unit, as they can only vote for the Unit's activities that they selected.

How many votes does each User get?

The default number of votes is 20, but this can be changed by the adminstrator of the Unit.

Can I delete or archive an activity?

Yes. Deleting or archiving can be done by the author of the activity or Administrator of the Unit and will remove the activity from voting and also return all votes.

Can I reset the votes?

To remove votes, the Administrator of the Unit should set the votes allowed to `0`, which will remove all votes (the system will remove any user excess votes as you reduce the number). Once the votes have been removed, the votes allowed can be set to any number.

Can I hide an activity?

Yes. If you are the author of the activity or a Unit admin, you can archive an activity, which will remove it from view, and return any of its votes. Unarchiving the activity will return it to the main activities list and it can be voted on.

Can I copy an activity?

Yes. You must be a Unit administrator (you created the Unit). View any activity and click the copy link, which will result in the activity being copied. Images will be copied. Questions and answers will not be copied.

Can I give admin rights to other users?

Yes. Owners of Units (whomever created the Unit), can assign users as Admins in Unit settings.