Raise a Flagpole Challenge

1 day


In this challenge, Patrols build and raise a flagpole.


In this challenge, Patrol can compete to build and raise a flagpole.

There are 3 sets of knots that will need to be learned to build the flagpole:
  • round lashings (3 needed)
  • rolling hitches (3 needed)
  • taut-line hitches (3 needed)

See this video

Also there is a detailed description that can be found here: https://scoutpioneering.com/2012/12/26/flag-poles

Requirements for each team:
  • 4 round 5' poles
  • 11' of lashing rope
  • flag
  • 3 stakes
Option: This can be a competition to see who finishes first.

Idea source: BSA (https://troopresources.scouting.org) and Scout Pioneering (https://scoutpioneering.com/2012/12/26/flag-poles). 

Photo: Scout Pioneering