Scout Activity helps in taking the ideas of Scouts, leaders, and parents on fun activities and to poll for the the popularity of the ideas.

Why did I build ScoutActivity? I've been involved with Scouting for a long time, as an Eagle, Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and probably more roles. Scouting is by all efforts 'Scout led', but the reality is, they need good ideas to work with. Often these are activities reused over many years, with few new activities. So I thought, how can I create a way for parents to offer up ideas online (COVID is keeping us virtual) based on their own skillsets, that can be put in front of Scouts to read about and vote on.

Free to use. ScoutActivity is free to use for Scout units. I'm covering the costs. At some point, I may add a donate button to help defray the cost of hosting.

Questions or feedback? Join our Facebook Group or email me directly at carson.cole@gmail.com.

ScoutActivity is a Ruby on Rails application that is open-sourced here, so anyone can host and change it at will. Attribution is requested.